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In many cities, especially those with small or quiet Circle populations, the term "gardener" has come to refer to any Acolyte or coterie that tends neutral ground or Elysium. Often these vampires are literally gardeners, tending unknown varieties of wildflowers in abandoned areas or maintaining their own version of the Hanging Gardens in cisterns and forgotten subway stations. Increasingly, Acolytes are being given authority by the local Prince to beautify and enliven Elysia through their city. In domains dominated by the Circle, the studios, greenhouses and workshops of important Acolytes are often granted status as Elysia.

In cities where the Circle has a less...accepted...presence, some gardeners create unofficial neutral ground in a park, gallery, or garden and offer solitude or entertainment to any visitors. Sometimes rivals or agents of an antagnoistic Prince will attempt to sabotage these efforts, and other times the sites become alternative meeting grounds or genuine Elysia. Usually, however, the Circle gardens find a few loyal visitors or appreciative return visitors and become nothing more than meeting grounds for local Acolytes and places of recruitment into the covenant.

These sites provide an advantage to the coteries who tend them in the trust of other vampires who frequent the areas. Gardener coteries whose parks and greenhouses become Elysia have a clear advantage as long as they can keep the secrets that pass there. Even if that is not the case, such gardens are a good way for Acolytes to make contacts without taking sides.

Known Gardeners

Prof. Dr. W. B. Campbell, Hierophant of Brabant, is the Gardener at the "Abdy van het Park" in the domain of Leuven, Belgium. All members of the Circle find welcome there, and are offered a safe place for the day should they require it.

Former Gardeners

Colin Lancing, Faithless, was the Gardener of Orlando, operating, and still working with his own hands, his tobacco and citrus plantation. It was open for all of the Circle to visit there, safe and secure. Since he was run out of the Circle, the borders have closed.

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